Actors' Equity Association pg. 1


Picketing during the 3 day 1968 Production Contract strike.

On the back of Kip Andrews' motorcycle.

TAMPA TRIBUNE, Jan. 6, 1970
N.Y. TIMES, November 26, 1970
BACKSTAGE, March 24, 1972
EQUITY NEWS, May, 1977
VARIETY, March 21, 1979

Gerry Schoenfeld 
was Chairman of the 
Shubert Organization, 
the preeminent producing organization 
in the American Theatre. 


Letter to Theo from Steve Pringle, Co-Chair of Twin Cities Area Liason Committee, 

July 25, 1981.

Received this postcard after 

chairing a particularly stressful 

membership meeting. I never 

found out who sent it.

Theo Bikel, Paul Robeson Jr., Studs Terkel, Barbara Colton, Willard Swire, Fred O'Neal


Paul Robeson Award 

awarded to Studs Terkel

EQUITY NEWS, Nov., 1987


Sergei Dauchenko (2nd from left) 
Artistic Director of the Ukrainian 
Drama Theatre in Kiev, greeted 
Council on Oct. 20 & presented a 
book on the history of art museums in Kiev to First Vice President, Barbara Colton.  Ms. Colton recently returned from her 3rd visit to the Soviet Union.'

EQUITY NEWS Feb., 1987
Created by Barbara Colton